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National Scouting Report, NSR, has moved into the world of Bass Fishing. For over 40 years, NSR has been helping athletes from around the world live out their dream of playing college athletics. Now NSR is assisting High School Anglers that want the opportunity to fish in college.

"The timing is finally right. We have a strong passion for tournament fishing and have been patiently waiting for the last few years. With the explosion of High School and Collegiate fishing, now is the time for NSR to help these fishing recruits" - Rusty Rigney, CEO of NSR.

Since 1980, NSR has had a proven success record working with athletes in traditional sports like baseball, football, volleyball, and softball. Now, the same technology and experience will be put to use for High School Anglers.

"This is a full marketing plan for the High School fisherman", according to former professional angler and current NSR Scout Larry Perrin. "It's not just marketing their abilities, it's about showcasing to coaches and potential sponsors their grades, character, and versatility to be a good teammate at the college level. We are looking for the complete student angler."

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