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Hillary Martin

NSR Fishing is teaming up with the Logan Parks Foundation to bring you the Abu Garcia High School/College Chaos Tournament.

NSR Fishing has partnered with the Logan Parks Foundation to help grow the Abu Garcia High School/College Chaos Tournament at Lake Martin on November 12. This tournament will bring a unique and innovative format to the world of tournament bass fishing. The teams will consist of one high school angler and one collegiate angler that will compete through multiple elimination rounds. The anglers will utilize the Fishing Chaos app to record their catches. This app will have a live leaderboard that both anglers and spectators can view to follow all of the action. Anglers that reach the final round, “the Chaos round”, will have their weights zeroed and the leaderboard will be turned off building the suspense until the final ceremonies being held in Auburn, Alabama.

Why are you and the Foundation doing this tournament?

"I want to create new opportunities for the student anglers. I know, given the cost of fishing these days, that these opportunities can be limited, whether we are talking about fishing in college or pursuing a career in fishing after school. I hope to continuously create new opportunities for high school and collegiate anglers to pursue their dreams in fishing and help them become reality. At the Logan Parks Foundation, we believe in the potential of young anglers to shape the future of competitive bass fishing. We are driven by the desire to create meaningful opportunities for these individuals, ensuring that their passion for the sport can flourish into a successful career. Together, we cast a brighter future for the world of competitive bass fishing, one angler at a time."

You're having NSR Fishing doing an online recruiting seminar. What do you want these young people to get out of the seminar?

Young anglers need to realize that being a pro fisherman is much more than just catching bass. There are so many layers to making a career out of fishing. Social media presence and regularly scheduled posting are paramount to reaching an audience, building your personal brand, and promoting your sponsors. Excellent grades in school can create opportunities to get some of your education paid for through academic financial aid. Grades will play a huge role in the admissions process at many programs.

NSR Fishing's entire platform stresses all of the things Logan brought to light. Social media, academics, building their brand, and learning how to be a pro. The NSR full marketing plan gives the anglers the tools to reach their goals and helps define the path to their collegiate future.

The Catch, Weigh, Photograph, and Release format is really unique for this age group. What made you decide to do this format rather than the typical 5 fish limit?

"The entire tournament format is super unique and I believe it will create a fun, fast paced, and chaotic event for all the participants. I had the opportunity to fish some similar formats in college and really enjoyed them. I wanted fans and families to be able to experience this as well, and we added a twist if they caught enough to reach the championship round. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these anglers navigate the format and the challenges it brings."

You've brought in the heavy hitters, NSR Fishing, Fishing Chaos, and Abu Garcia, as your partners for this events. Why these partners?

"This tournament is focused on the future of fishing, both high school and collegiate anglers. All of the partners of the Logan Parks Foundation value this group of young anglers and see the importance in promoting the growth amongst them. By creating new opportunities for the future of the sport we all work toward the constant goal of growing/improving the sport of bass fishing. We have aligned ourselves with partners who share our beliefs and whose mission statements align with ours and we are proud to host the inaugural LPFF High School/College Chaos this fall."

NSR Fishing will be there talking to college coaches about our NSR High School Pro Staff members.

NSR Fishing will be on the water and at the final ceremony scouting anglers and talking to college coaches. If you are a member of the NSR High School Pro Staff and you are fishing in the event, be sure to let us know. The high school field will be capped at 125 anglers. There are a few spots available so go to the Fishing Chaos app, select the Chaos Tournament, and get registered. This will certainly be an opportunity to learn from collegiate anglers, fish a new format, and be seen by some of the coaches in attendance. Good luck and we will see you on beautiful Lake Martin on November 12.