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Florida Bass Nation and NSR Fishing

Many times in the “business world”, the need to be stoic and unemotional could be the difference between getting a huge deal or loosing a huge deal. NSR Fishing is so glad that Florida Bass Nation High School Director Glenn Cale is not one of those robotic type businessmen. If you have ever seen one of Glenn's Florida Bass Nation “Live” broadcast, or if you have ever been to one of his tournament weigh-in's, then you will get a glimpse at what type of young man he really is. Glenn has a passion for the sport of bass fishing and an even deeper passion for helping young anglers. His energy is amazing, his wit and candor are right on time, and you will know where you stand with Glenn the first time you talk to him. He is a genuine individual that holds a genuine place in his heart for the young anglers he works with. NSR Fishing was honored when Glenn asked us to attend the Pre-Tournament Meeting and be the Keynote Speakers at the Lake Okeechobee Florida High School Bass Nation event February 12-13 at the legendary Roland Martin Marina & Resort. “I'm super excited to have NSR Fishing be a part of our event in Clewiston Florida” says Cale.

Since the launch of NSR Fishing at ICast last summer, scouts have been at tournaments all across the southeast looking for the best of the best. We will be at this event with our fleet of fully wrapped NSR boats scouting and evaluating the talent in Florida. “We feel that Florida is one of the top three states in the US with regard to high school fishing talent. With the amount of boats in each tournament and the opportunities for growth in the sport, we feel this relationship with Florida Bass Nation High School is a major step with regard to finding the best talent available for college coaches to recruit.” says NSR President and CEO Rusty Rigney.

Not only will NSR be scouting the event and speaking at the meeting, but they will also be bringing a production crew to the event to film a video showcasing the caliber of student/anglers participating in the Florida Bass Nation High School events and with the new 5Star Angler ranking system, powered by Favorite Fishing, we will also be looking for those student/anglers that feel they have the goods to be one of the top ranked anglers in the nation. Be sure to follow NSR.Fishing on Instagram and Like and Subscribe to NSR Fishing on YouTube to see when the video will be released.

For 42 years, National Scouting Report (NSR), has been assisting athletes and families in traditional sports navigate the recruiting process. With the explosion of bass fishing at the high school and collegiate level, we felt it was only natural for NSR Fishing to be born. In those 42 years NSR has had tremendous success with every athlete they worked with and now we are bringing this opportunity to the amazing student/anglers in the state of Florida.

Florida Bass Nation High School Director Glenn Cale